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The Top 9 Free Walks in Aoraki/Mt Cook Village


At 3764 metres, Aoraki/Mt Cook is the highest of the country’s 27 mountains over 3000 metres. It is higher by more than 1500 metres to Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciusko at 2228 metres.  Aoraki/Mt Cook sits at the heart of New Zealand’s Alpine country, within the 700 square kilometres of Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. It has…

Tip Jar Donations Put to Good Use

A little goes a long way! Here at Mt Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters, we’ve been stashing away your kind tip jar donations at the front desk. These have gone towards reading books for Aoraki Mount Cook School, where they excitedly unpacked them last week. Sandra McCallum the school principal reported, “they all thought it…