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Flights & Tours

"10/10. Flying in on the ski plane was brilliant and then flying out on the helicopter was absolutely brilliant! Each with their amazing benefits. The views were indescribable and the way we could get so close to the mountains was fantastic!" - Megan

Aoraki/Mt Cook Experiences

Take flight on one of our Mount Cook helicopter tours or ski plane trips over the scenic Southern Alps and stunning Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. View some of New Zealand’s most iconic geographical features, like the Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier, and Tasman Glacier, the longest in the country.

You’ll never forget the lush greens of the vegetation beneath you, or the icy blue of the impressive glaciers. Reserve your choice of helicopter or ski plane to circumnavigate Mount Cook, touch down on the glaciers for a picnic lunch, ski the Tasman Glacier, skydive over the Franz Josef Glacier, or just enjoy some New Zealand sightseeing. We can’t wait to show you all that the region has to offer.

INFLITE is proudly Qualmark Gold – recognised by Tourism New Zealand as being amongst the very best operators in New Zealand.

From NZ$1549 per Person

Departing from Christchurch, fly over the patchwork farmland of New Zealand’s Canterbury Plains before the Mackenzie Region comes into view. Features include, unique braided rivers, stunning turquoise blue glacial Lake Tekapo, Roundhill Ski field and the Southern Alps. On arrival at Aoraki/Mt Cook carve your way down the 1000 metre descent on this one-of-a-kind ski slope the Tasman Glacier has to offer.

Ski The Tasman from Christchurch with South Pacific Whales

From NZ$1299 per Person

Departing from Queenstown, encounter a flying experience like no other across New Zealand’s breathtakingly beautiful Southern Alps. Carve your way down the 1000 metre descent on this one-of-a-kind ski slope the Tasman Glacier has to offer, navigating the 8 – 10 km run, not once, but twice where you can take a different route down on your second run. The pace of this adventure is as relaxed or as sporty as you want to make it!

Ski The Tasman from Queenstown with Glenorchy Air

From NZ$999

A private trip for just you and your bubble. We can take up to 6 people in our helicopters. This is a 30 minute experience including a mountain landing on Brass Peak. The flight path takes you directly to the peak with beautiful views looking at Aoraki/Mt Cook and over many of New Zealand’s tallest peaks and the valleys within the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.