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Ultimate Experiences

Treat yourself and a special someone to a scenic flight up the stunning Tasman Valley.

Ultimate Fun. Ultimate Thrills.

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Ultimate fun. Ultimate thrills. Ultimate views. This experience is ultimate – we promise. Our ultimate experiences allow you to get out, cover your shoes in snow powder and create some lifelong memories.

Combine the best of all our products for the price of one with our Ultimate Alpine Adventure Combo. Enjoy breath-taking views of the many mountains surrounding the picturesque Tasman valley, from your ski plane or helicopter. Land in the mountains and enjoy one of the many snowy peaks in Aoraki Mt Cook National Park.

Explore the ice formations and glacier canyons of Tasman Glacier, from the Tasman Glacier Hiking Package. Enjoy a scenic flight to Mt Cook by ski plane or helicopter. Your guide has extensive local knowledge, allowing you to explore the hidden gems of the Tasman Glacier.

Relax in the tranquillity of an isolated glacier landing, on the Picnic Among the Peaks package. Your pilot will glide your craft around the best snow-capped mountains and bright blue glacier lakes, ensuring you get the best views. After you land, you will enjoy a private picnic in the fresh mountain air.

  • Includes a glacier landing
From NZ$2490
Explore the top of the Tasman glacier with your own personal guide as they take you through a journey of the ever changing glacier. Explore the immense beauty of the upper snowfield of the Haupapa/Tasman Glacier, this is where its 23-kilometre journey begins. As you fly in to 2200 metres (7200 ft.) aboard your helicopter, marvel at the rock and ice debris transform to glistening white. Get ready to explore the glacier by walking, hiking and snowshoeing, you may even see an iceberg in the glacier lake!
From NZ$4999 NZ$3999

Family friendly (age restriction of 10 yrs) exploration of the lower part of the Tasman Glacier where depending on snow/ice conditions you will either explore the ice caves mid glacier or the seracs of the upper Glacier Neve. The experience will consist of a helicopter or ski plane, and in some cases both depending on landing sites being used. You will either explore the ice caves mid glacier or the seracs of the upper Glacier Neve. Once your crampons are fitted you’ll go exploring the amazing ice formations, following your guiders as they cut steps in the glacier, using skills handed down from NZ’s mountain pioneers.

From here we will fly you on a spectacular scenic flight to a mountain top where you will have a picnic provided with stunning views of Aoraki/Mt.Cook and the Southern Alps.

Your trip finishes with another spectacular scenic flight back to our Aoraki/Mt. Cook base. All gear and equipment is provided for and all fitness levels welcome with no experience needed.